Hello, my name is Budiono, usually called as Budi. Currently, I work in a bank specialized in risk management. I completed my undergraduate study in Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia majoring in Economics. I have interest in various things, but if I must choose, I will put  music, traveling, and language learning on top.

Wandering around the campus in my student days.
I listen to various genre from pop, rock, dangdut, R&B, K-Pop, J-Pop, Europop, Bollywood, classical, showtunes, jazz, ethnic, etc. I also love singing for fun only (better not to perform publicly since my voice is terrible). I have a crazy idea that this world could be a little more musical just like a Hindi films or Broadway musical. It will be fun if we can express our feelings and solve all the problems by singing and dancing, right?

I really love traveling. Usually I go on private trip with family or friends and visit some places such as Bandung, Bali, Lombok, Malaysia and Singapore. However, since 2015, I started joining open trip to explore more exotic places around Java and Sumatera, such as Pahawang, Kiluan Bay, Mt. Papandayan, Mt. Cikuray, Mt. Ciremai, Mt. Merbabu, Mt. Slamet, Mt. Bromo and Mt. Semeru. Most of destinations I visited last year is mountains since I fall in love with hiking lately. I look forward to seeing more and more beautiful places in Indonesia and around the world. Let's explore!

A breathtaking view, when I was traveling to Mount Bromo.
I also have passion in language learning. However, sometimes it is just like an on-off relationship because I hardly manage time and focus on it. Other than English, I speak a little Spanish and Korean. Spanish, I totally learn it all by myself from some websites, ebooks, and language learning apps, mostly I use Duolingo. As for Korean, I attended two semesters of Korean class held by Korean Culture Center in Jakarta. I still need to improve my proficiency in both languages. I also want to learn Arabic to get better understanding of my religion. In addition, I also learn some other languages just for fun, such as Japanese, Hindi, Urdu, French, Dutch, etc.

Having a farewell dinner with my Korean teacher and classmates.
 I started blogging in 2010 when I became the Vice Head of Publication and Information bureau in a student organization, Kanopi FEUI. I have responsibility to manage its official blog, social media, online and printed publication. At that time, I actively wrote in Kompasiana and became contributor for AnakUI.com. I also made my own blog econochemist.blogspot.com. The name is combination of economist and chemist because I was an economics student who previously wanted to major in chemistry which is impossible since I am partially color blind. In my senior year, I also assisted my lecturer to manage a website and social media for an international conference, HDCA Conference 2012 in Jakarta.
The conference secretariat with notable economist, Kaushik Basu during HDCA Conference 2012 in Jakarta.
Funny story, my first blog helped me landed in my first job as one of my interviewers read it. From om my writings, she thought I had capabilities for the job I applied for. However, after graduation and working, I rarely posted any update on my blog. I tried to relive my blog few times but it did not work. In 2016, I decided to start from the scratch by starting new blog and purchasing new domain. I leave my previous blog since I think some of the writing are not relevant with my current interest. Beside the title is no longer applicable to me, since I am neither an economist nor a chemist, should I renamed as banconomist?

Through this blog (Budiono.XYZ), I aim to share thoughts and stories based on my personal experience. Hopefully it can inspire and benefit anyone who read my blog. Most of the posts will be written in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia, my native language). However, it is always fun to write some posts in English.

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