How to Be More Organized

The title is simple but it is simply one thing (actually one of many things) I want to achieve but I hardly reach up until now. Being more organized means that everything in my life follows certain order and I can easily retrieve it once I need it and everything is done according to timeline or schedule. I somehow did it but most of the time didn't. Well, at least I know my weakness and currently am trying to fix it.

So what's the action plan?

Well... I have some thoughts on this and try to put them into actions that I have to do in order to be more organized.

#1 Know What You Need or Have to Do

At work or even at daily life there are so many things I want to do. But for some reasons, you must acknowledge what you need or have to do first. You must be fully aware that you have to accomplish it first before you do things that you love (in this case leisure time).

#2 Plan Things

After acknowledging things you need or have to do, you'd better put all these things into a list or plan. It can be a notebook, note-taking app, or even on your social media. The most important thing is that the plan should be visible so you'll always aware of it.

#3 Do It and Always Put Reminders to Do It

Plan won't work by itself, so you have to do all the works to actualize the plan. In case you're kind of forgetful or procrastinator, make sure to always put reminders. It might help reminding you to do things you havé planned. Change your mindset to encourage you to act your plan and never procrastinate!

#4 Review Regularly to Ensure Things are Well Organized and Done Timely

After all, the tips explained above might not 100% successful. That's why it is necessary to conduct a regular review to ensure whether or not you're already well organized and always do your things timely. It can be weekly or monthly. However, more frequent reviews will be better. Change your plan and strategy according to your review results. In example, if you find out that phone reminders are not effective, you shall change it into written reminders on a sticky note or notebook.

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