Life Should Be Easy

Never think life is easy. I thought about it sometimes. Yeah, life is hard but we don't have any other choice, just face it and live it up. No matter how hard life is, you have to be strong and confident, and then find a solution when you are facing problems or difficulties.

There are always solutions to any problems in this life, and they are all possible. Yet, some of them bear consequences. Just choose one solution that does less harm to your life. Finding solution to a problem sometimes makes me panic all at sudden, in the longer term it can cause stress. Thankfully, it hadn't made me crazy yet.

Being panic with mixed emotions isn't the best way to face such problematic situation. You have to keep calm. Think carefully, ignore any other disturbance in your head, and keep your panicky inner voice silence. Grow some ideas that can be a possible solution to your problem. If the problem is urgent you should take the idea that can solve it immediately. However, if you have longer time to think, you can analyze first which one is the best solution to the problem. You can do some researches or search examples of similar problems and how they are solved. By doing this, you may get better insight and the solution you choose can solve the problem effectively and efficiently.

Problems are often unexpectedly happened in real life. They can be unique, which means you can’t benchmark the problem solving process with other people. At this point, you may think that real life problems are hard, even harder than the hardest math problem in the world. Problems are hard sometimes but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be solved.

I believe we are able to solve every single problem that come to our lives. Like problem of being single, there are many solutions for it. You can just search a date online, try to contact your high school crush if he or she’s single now, expand your networking by hanging out in a new club, etc. So, the key is confidently find solutions to your problem. Everything can be solved.

Always be prepared to face any unexpected problem. Life is easier now with Internet access and huge number of apps. When facing an unexpected problem, just put them on Google search. In one click, he will give you thousands of articles that you may find some of them useful to solve your problem. Life can be easier; never ever think your life is full of unsolved problems. After all, life isn't that problematic.

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